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Adhesive System

System Model


Porcelain Adhesive System

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The Adhesive System represents a significant advancement in the installation of porcelain components. It is an entirely chemical-based fixing method that allows for the secure mounting of porcelain pieces directly onto the underlying substructure through structural bonding. This method eliminates the traditional requirement for mechanical machining or alteration of the porcelain pieces, facilitating a seamless and efficient installation process. The system is designed to streamline the construction workflow, reduce labor costs, and maintain the integrity of the porcelain, all while providing a strong and durable bond that meets the rigorous demands of modern architectural design.


Chemical Fixing Method

Employs a high-strength adhesive that forms a powerful bond between the porcelain and the substructure.

No Machining Required

Removes the need for cutting or drilling, preserving the original strength and aesthetics of the porcelain.

Direct Application

Enables pieces to be affixed promptly and directly, enhancing the speed and ease of installation.

Structural Bonding

Offers a secure and long-lasting hold, capable of withstanding various environmental stressors.

Clean Installation

Creates a sleek and unblemished finish without visible fastenings, resulting in an uninterrupted surface appearance.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Saves on labor and equipment costs by simplifying the installation process and reducing the time to completion.

Versatile Compatibility

Suitable for a range of porcelain sizes and styles, providing flexibility in design and application.


Ensures a robust and resilient installation, contributing to the longevity and performance of the porcelain facade.

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