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Cladding Systems

A cladding system is a critical component in modern construction, designed to cover the external surfaces of a building. It serves multiple functions: protecting against environmental elements, enhancing thermal insulation, and improving the building's aesthetic appeal. Cladding systems are composed of panels made from materials like metal, wood, glass, or composite, supported by a substructure that secures them to the building's framework. These systems can include additional layers for vapor barriers and waterproofing to prevent moisture damage. Types of cladding vary from rainscreen and curtain walling to stone and metal cladding, each offering unique benefits in terms of appearance, durability, and fire resistance, while adhering to local building codes and environmental standards.


Our Company Has Various System Models



Adhesive System

The Adhesive System offers a revolutionary chemical fixing solution for panel installations. By utilizing a structural bonding approach, it enables direct attachment of panels to the substructure, bypassing the need for any mechanical alteration of the pieces. This system simplifies the installation process, ensuring a clean, secure, and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Anchoring System Assembly1.png

Undercutting Anchoring System

The Undercutting Anchoring System introduces a concealed anchoring solution for fiber cement/porcelain panels, utilizing undercut technology to enhance the energy efficiency of insulated exterior walls. This system features pre-drilled panels for hanger clips and expanding bolt anchors, optimizing insulation values and reducing overall construction costs.


Visual Anchoring System

The Visual Anchoring System leverages exposed anchors to enhance the facade’s aesthetic appeal, providing a robust and visually engaging method for securing cladding materials. Ideal for architectural designs that celebrate visible structural elements, this system combines functionality with a distinct industrial style.


Cell System

The Cell System revolutionizes facade design with a framework-based approach, employing a standardized "abacus" of aluminum frames. These frames serve as a robust foundation for porcelain slabs, which are meticulously installed in the workshop using appropriate adhesives, ensuring precision and quality from the outset.

HIdden Fastening System.png

Hidden Fastening System

The Hidden Fastening System conceals fasteners for a smooth, uninterrupted facade, offering a sleek and clean appearance. It’s preferred for architectural designs that require a seamless exterior with no visible fixings.

Visual Fastening System.png

Visual Fastening System

The Visual Fastening System showcases the fasteners as part of the facade's aesthetic, offering a distinct look while providing secure and straightforward panel attachment. This system is ideal for designs that call for an industrial or modern appearance.

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