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Cell System

System Model

Porcelain Cell System

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In the realm of facade construction, the Cell System stands as a paragon of innovation and efficiency. This system is predicated on the utilization of frames, typically constructed from high-strength aluminum, to lay the groundwork for a modular facade design. Each panel slab is carefully affixed within these frames, a process that takes place within the controlled environment of a workshop. This pre-installation technique not only guarantees a perfect alignment and secure bonding of the slabs but also significantly streamlines the on-site installation process. The result is a facade that exemplifies modern aesthetics, precision engineering, and longevity.


Aluminum Frame 

A systematic arrangement of frames providing a solid structure for the porcelain/ACM facade.

Workshop Installation

Allows for the precise and secure attachment of panel slabs using adhesives/revits in a controlled setting.

Durable Adhesion

Employing high-grade adhesives to ensure a strong and lasting bond between the frame and the porcelain/ACM.

Efficient Assembly

Streamlines the construction process, enabling rapid on-site assembly and installation.

Precision and Quality

Workshop conditions enhance the accuracy of slab placement and overall quality control.

Modular Design

Facilitates easy customization and scalability for facade projects of various sizes.

Aesthetic Versatility

The system supports a wide range of porcelain or aluminum composite panel  finishes, enabling diverse design options.

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