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Hidden Fastening System

System Model

Composite Wood Fastening System

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Compatible Surface: ​


Hidden Fastening Systems provide a secure and durable means of attaching facade panels while maintaining a clean and seamless appearance. This system is designed to keep fasteners out of sight, preserving the smooth lines and aesthetic integrity of modern buildings.


Concealed Attachment

Fasteners are hidden from view, promoting a smooth and continuous surface.

Aesthetic Cohesion

Maintains a pristine look by eliminating visual interruptions.

Thermal Flexibility

Accommodates the thermal movement of panels, preventing distortion and ensuring longevity.

Strong and Secure

Offers dependable attachment that withstands various environmental conditions.

Material Compatibility

Suitable for a wide array of cladding materials including metal, composite, and high-pressure laminates.

Adaptability for Upgrades

Facilitates easy upgrades and modifications to the facade without major structural changes.

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