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Undercutting Anchoring System

System Model

Porcelain Undercutting Anchoring System

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The Undercutting Anchoring System is a sophisticated approach to mounting porcelain/fiber cement panels, designed to employ the strength and stability of concealed, undercut anchors. Each panel is meticulously pre-drilled at the back to accommodate a specialized hanger clip and expanding bolt anchor, ensuring a secure and enduring attachment. The system is ingeniously paired with a clip cladding support system that bolsters the thermal performance of insulated exterior walls. By separating steel girts from the backup wall, it preserves the complete insulation value and eliminates thermal bridging typically associated with traditional steel girt systems. This technological advancement in cladding support not only maximizes energy efficiency but also serves to substantially lower construction costs.


Concealed Anchoring

Utilizes discreet undercut anchors for a clean, seamless appearance.

Pre-drilled Panel Backs

Panels come ready with precise holes for quick and straightforward installation of the hanger clips and anchors.

Hanger Clip and Expanding Bolt Anchor

A secure fastening duo that provides high load capacity and stability.

Clip Cladding Support System

Improves the energy efficiency of insulated walls, effectively separating steel girts from the backup wall.

Enhanced Insulation Performance

Prevents the degradation of insulation value by eliminating thermal bridging common in traditional mounting systems.


Reduces the overall cost of construction by streamlining the installation process and enhancing insulation properties.

Energy Efficiency

Contributes to the creation of energy-efficient building envelopes, leading to long-term savings and sustainability benefits.

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