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Visual Anchoring System

System Model

Porcelain Undercutting Anchoring System

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Compatible Surface: 


The Visual Anchoring System transforms functional anchoring into a key design element of the building's facade. By making the anchors visible, it not only secures the cladding materials firmly but also contributes to the architectural beauty, offering a modern, industrial look that is both appealing and practical. This system is designed to ensure that each anchor not only supports the structural integrity but also enhances the visual impact, making it a perfect choice for designs that aim to make a statement through exposed mechanical details.


Aesthetic Integration

Anchors are designed to be seen, adding a striking visual element to the facade.

Strong and Secure

Provides a durable connection that can handle significant environmental and structural stresses.

Ease of Installation and Access

The exposed nature of the anchors allows for easy installation and future adjustments or replacements.

Design Versatility

Available in various finishes and styles to complement different architectural designs, from rustic to contemporary.

Material Compatibility

Suitable for a broad range of cladding materials, ensuring versatility across projects.

Thermal Adaptability

​Designed to accommodate the thermal expansion and contraction of facade materials, thus enhancing the longevity and durability of the installation.


Simplifies the construction process and reduces installation costs due to the straightforward nature of the exposed anchoring.

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