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Visual Fastening System

System Model

Composite Wood Fastening System

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Compatible Surface: 


Visual Fastening Systems turn functional fasteners into a bold design statement, allowing them to contribute visually to the facade. This approach provides a secure attachment while showcasing the fasteners as part of the building’s exterior charm, ideal for designs that embrace a distinctly contemporary or industrial look.


Aesthetic Contribution

Fasteners are part of the exterior design, adding a unique architectural element.

Ease of Access

Exposed fasteners allow for straightforward installation and easy future adjustments or replacements.

Design Flexibility

Supports a range of architectural styles with various fastener finishes and designs.

Strong and Secure

Ensures robust attachment capable of withstanding environmental stresses.

Thermal Flexibility

Fasteners allow for thermal movement of panels, enhancing durability.

Adaptability for Upgrades

Facilitates easy upgrades and modifications to the facade without major structural changes.

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